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‘Meet the teacher’ is an ongoing series of short films capturing the reflections, motivations and advice of primary and secondary teachers at schools in the Ƶ of Melbourne. For more information about the series or to nominate a teacher to be included, please contact publications@macs.vic.edu.au

2023 series

Never look back

Nadine Boundy, from , Mount Eliza, detoured from her studies in criminology and social sciences to reconnect with her original love of teaching.

The family business

Coming from a family full of teachers, Emily Dodd values the unique perspective of teaching in a Catholic school.

Bringing life experience to the classroom

Lisa Hughes raised a family, opened a dance school and worked as a learning support officer before becoming a teacher.

Values to carry them through their life journey

Daniella Romano has just begun her teaching career at Annunciation School, Brooklyn, with the school’s youngest students.