Health Conditions

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There are a range of health conditions that students may present with.

Schools will request that the parent or carer provides documented health information by a relevant health professional. A documented health support plan should be developed and signed by a treating physician. This will include common conditions such as: asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, encopresis, anaphylaxis The  (PAL) provides Victorian government schools with quick and easy access to governance and operational policies and advice.

Refer specifically to sections of the School Policy Advisory Guide related to:

  • Care and Support
  • First Aid
  • Health Records
  • Prevention
  • Specific Condition Support.

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) has made provision for schools to access training in First Aid response to Anaphylaxis. Training is available for all schools within the Ƶ.

For more information contact Ms Catherine Henbest, Team Leader at Melbourne Ƶ Catholic Schools (Ƶ) on 03 9267 0228 or chenbest@macs.vic.edu.au.

Scope Therapy Services

Therapy Services are available to students in Catholic schools who have a physical or multiple disabilities and who require physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy as an integral component of the educational program. These services are provided by Scope Victoria.

Royal Children's Hospital School Care Program

The CECV has formed a partnership with the , Melbourne, to provide a service to schools for students with complex medical needs requiring specialised training. For more information, contact: Ms Frieda Lai, Education Officer, on 03 9267 0228 or flai@macs.vic.edu.au.