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Various resources are accessible via links to keep council members up to date on √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ policy and ensure they are able to undertake their role with confidence.

These documents establish, support and maintain the work of the School Advisory Council. Supplementing the Terms of Reference and the School Advisory Council Manual to provide further detail of certain aspects, they may be helpful to readers in engaging with the purpose of the School Advisory Council. An explanation of their use is included in the Manual.

Key documents
Foundation documents
√ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ templates
Suggested models
Information handouts and support documents
Other resource material
Video resource material
  • Archbishop Peter A Comensoli, Archbishop of Melbourne:
  • Gerard Dalbosco, Chair, √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ board:
  • Fr Mark Reynolds, Episcopal Vicar for Catholic Schools, √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ of Melbourne:
  • Establishing a School Advisory Council: 
  • Induction Module 1:
Related √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ policies
  • Child Safety Code of Conduct (available from the school)
  • Child Safety Policy (available from the school)
  • Complaints Handling Policy (available from the school)
  • Enrolment Policy (available from the school)
  • √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ Conflict of Interest Policy
  • √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ Responsible Persons Policy
  • √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ Parents and Friends Policy
  • √ŘŐ“ ”∆Ķ Related Parties Policy
Legal and regulatory citations
  • (Vic.), Schedule 4 clause 16
  • Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
  • (Vic.), Chapter 3
  • (Vic.), section 37
Legacy documents