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Underpinned by the belief that all learners can achieve success in numeracy, teachers and leaders need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of student learning in mathematics. To become numerate citizens, young people need a strong foundation in mathematics with opportunities to transfer their knowledge to other learning areas and the wider world.


Get in2 Maths – Transforming Education in Numeracy is visionary with aspirational goals outlining measurable and achievable actions that schools can take to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics for all students.

  1. Every school has an appointed mathematics leader with adequate release to enact the school’s mathematics action plan.
  2. Every school has a mathematics leadership team to drive the learning and teaching of mathematics at a classroom level.
  3. Every school has enabling structures that maximise the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  4. Every teacher has an understanding of how to use data effectively to differentiate experiences in ways that maximise learning opportunities for all students and guide the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  5. Every teacher has an ongoing commitment to the development of their content knowledge and progressions of learning.
  6. Every teacher has a repertoire of responsive pedagogical choices and progressive development of effective pedagogical content knowledge.

The mathematics team will work in partnership with schools to achieve these goals by the end of 2025.

Priority Areas

To enable young people to become highly numerate, the Get in2 Maths strategy is framed around the four Improved Learning Outcomes areas:

  • leading a culture of learning
  • knowing the conceptual terrain
  • making powerful teaching choices
  • assessing for growth and flourishing.

These strategic directions contribute to the development of a system-wide culture of continuous improvement across diverse communities of practice.

​Strategic Partnerships

Recognising the importance for schools to have opportunities to engage with researchers, Ƶ has formed strategic partnerships with universities with the best expertise in the learning and teaching of mathematics. Through these partnerships, teachers and leaders will have opportunities to engage in targeted professional learning or accredited study that contributes to the development of a system-wide culture of continuous improvement.

Implementation Plan

The implementation plan focuses on the development of professional learning for teachers, including strong content knowledge and sophisticated pedagogical practices and assessment strategies. Professional learning programs intentionally privilege the teachers’ knowledge in the early years of schooling and develop repertoires of pedagogical choices as students progress through upper levels of learning.

Ƶ learning consultants – mathematics will work in close partnership with the school mathematics leaders to further develop their leadership capabilities. This will enable leaders to share learnings with other colleagues and to continue to support teachers to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics in classrooms.