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Languages Strategy

Language learning provides students with the opportunity to develop their communication and multilingual skills, while exploring and contributing to globalised interconnectedness and diversity through the lens of our Catholic faith. A strong Languages curriculum enables students to deeply explore the concept of ‘otherness’ from an inquisitive and curious mindset, resulting in building connections across their learning experience.

The Languages in Motion: CECV Languages Strategy 2023–2025 represents our commitment to:

  • design, develop and deploy an expanded mode of engagement with schools, based on quality open-access system resources and intensive interdiocesan and school partnerships
  • implement effective system-wide languages programs and assessment practices, with a focus on student voice and ownership of learning
  • strengthen language improvement and implementation processes across all schools, particularly through School Improvement Plans (SIP) and Annual Action Plans (AAP).

To enquire about Languages, please contact Chloe Briand via cbriand@macs.vic.edu.au.