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The Catholic Church's preferential option for the poor obligates Catholic schools to ensure that no baptised student is denied a Catholic education because of an inability to pay.

Our Catholic schools receive funding from both the federal and state governments, as well as income from school fees and other fundraising activities.

The setting of fee levels and other compulsory charges in Catholic primary and secondary schools is the responsibility of the individual school, taking into account the allocation of government funds. Each school sets its own fee structure and, if any, discounts are offered for multiple children attending from the one family.

Schools also set their own local levies and charges which will vary from school to school. Levies and charges are available by contacting the school or by accessing the school website.

Most Catholic schools offer a number of methods for paying fees to reduce any financial burden and to assist financial planning. If you have difficulty in meeting the required fee payment, you are encouraged to discuss this with the principal of the school.