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The formal introduction to being a member of the School Advisory Council.

Induction is the structured and supportive method of introducing a new council member to the School Advisory Council and Melbourne Ƶ Catholic Schools (Ƶ).

The induction process, offered through both Ƶ and the school, aims to provide council members with the expectation that they are:

To actively contribute to a school culture by respecting the dignity of its members, affirming the gospel values of love, care for others, compassion and justice.
(Ƶ Child Safety Code of Conduct)

Induction ensures the promotion of a Catholic skill set for council members and their role as leaders in the parish and school community.

Ƶ provides a basis for induction through the provision of key documents, support resources and annual induction sessions across the Ƶ. The School Advisory Council Manual contains baseline expectations that all members of the council will need to know about operating School Advisory Councils under the governance of Ƶ.

Each school is responsible for an induction program that is customised to ensure council members understand their role and the role of the council within the context of the school and the wider Church.

Through their reading of the key documents and engagement with the school process, it is expected that each member will understand the purpose of a School Advisory Council and each person’s role in pursuing that purpose.

This provides the basis for the expectation that members enter each meeting well-prepared for the discussions that will take place, creating an opportunity for informed dialogue. It is hoped that a well-informed discussion where each person has had a chance to speak, has been listened to intently and feels their ideas have been respected will lead to proposals being agreed to by consensus.