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Catholic education is founded on the love of the Father in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit. The mission, and privilege, of the Catholic school is to build a community where authentic relationships based on love provide the means and the support for all students to flourish and grow into the fullness of life. Every child is precious and we hold dear the dignity and possibility of each one.

Our teachers give regular and efficient instruction for the academic, physical and spiritual development of their students, and support the Catholic ethos of our schools. Non-teaching staff are employed in a wide range of roles that support Catholic traditions and contribute to developing socially just young people who embrace sustainability and make positive contributions to the modern world.

Working in Catholic education offers a career path with management and leadership opportunities. With approximately 300 schools, employing over 10,200 principals and teachers, as well as almost 4,700 non-teaching/ancillary staff, full-time and part-time vacancies always exist. In addition, Melbourne Ƶ Catholic Schools (Ƶ) employs over 400 staff based in East Melbourne and its four metropolitan regional offices.

Pay levels and conditions

Catholic education employees enjoy a family-friendly workplace and excellent entitlements and provisions. Salaries and pay levels, leave opportunities, superannuation contributions and other entitlements and benefits are covered in the Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2022.

Professional Learning

Effective leaders are learners themselves, engaging and inspiring school communities to build collaborative learning cultures. Staff in Catholic schools are encouraged to engage in professional learning, and to seek innovative and sustainable ways to improve their practice.